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Debora van de Pronkse Schonen (Loesje)
Born 24-07-2011 (BRI ny11)
Stamboeknr. MU.R11.BRI.153.3
Father: Du Blue D’or A. Nuance’s G. Sancho (BRI ny11)
Stamboeknr. DVDK LOB 31623
Mother: SC Leami-Limi v.d. Pronkse Schonen (BRI ny11)
Stamboeknr. MU.L05.BRI.050.1
Loesje was born in Bolsward with the Pronk family, one of the breeders of shaded
goldens of the first hour in the Netherlands. She is the daughter of Leami-Limi van
de Pronkse Schonen. In 2012 Leami won the title of Supreme Champion.

Debora (we call her Loesje) is a slim built girl with sparkling green eyes and a nice
warm golden color.

Loesje has a sweet but also very temperamental character and almost inexhaustible
energy. She likes to challenge the male cat and then take a run so fast, the poor male
is left in confusion.

Having so much energy, it’s a blessing to have  a large, enclosed garden at their
disposal where they can live their energy. She likes to climb trees and hunt for
insects and butterfies.