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Dirgni’s Leo (Jip, neuter)
Geb. 26-07-2011 (BRI e)
Stamboeknr. NCT 2011-7652
Father: Int. Ch. Cattractive Columbus (BRI a)
Stamboeknr. GCCF CS 460524
Mother: Caislean Lotte’s Daisy (BRI j)
Stamboeknr. NCT 2007-7811
Jip grew up in Hengelo, in a large family with a lot of kittens and puppies. His social
behavior is without a doubt due to the way he was raised in his early months.

He is a nice, roundly built british male asking continuous attention.. If he just does
not get it, he will come to you carping.

He likes to challenge you to play by gently biting your arm. But at the same time he
is also a lovely, gentle teddy bear. He is very fond of Loesje, but he sometimes
struggles to catch up with her.

Like Loesje he likes to play in the garden catching insects and butterflies.