Bonnie Albions Gold
Born 05-06-2014 (BRI ny11)
Stamboeknr. MU.RX14.BRI.159.1
Father: IC Boss Hugo of Esmaraldus (BRI ay11)
Stamboeknr. 485-317-BRI-12
Mother: Debora v.d. Pronkse Schonen (BRI ny11)
Stamboeknr. MU.R11.BRI.153.3
Bonnie was born in our Cattery, in the second nest of Loesje. We fell for her
temperament and her very affectionate and warm personality.

Her mother taught her to hunt butterlies, insects and automn leaves.  And Bonnie
likes to climb high up in the trees.  As soon she is tired of playing in the garden she
choses an available lap to relax and cool down..

Like her mother Bonnie is slim build, but a little heavier. Her eyes are beautiful emerald
green. Under the black shade shimmers a golden glow.  

Mother Loesje and Bonnie challenge our male cat to compete in running and climbing.
The poor devil doesn’t stand a chance. Lucky for him there’s enough space in the garden
to seek refuge for the enormous amount of female energy.